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3 Things Every Fashionista Needs in her Home

3 Things Every Fashionista Needs in her Home

We can't help but wonder what the homes of our favorite designers and fashion icons are like. How their style translates from what they wear, to how they choose to style their own homes.  However, there are a few things we imagine make the cut. From the fashion blogger to the super stylish girl in the cubicle next to you, there are 3 things every fashionista should have in their home:

1. Fresh flowers
just brighten up your day, and also any room in your home!

2. A little inspiration everywhere you turn. Whether it’s artistic pieces of home decor or a decorative wall that expresses your style, your own inspirations are really what make your home exactly that- YOUR home.

3. Textures and patterns that somehow manage just to work perfectly together. We can never get enough of throw blankets, chunky cable knits, aztec prints, and even a touch of modern flair!

4. A happy place where everyone tends to gather when at home. From the comfiest of couches to the dinner table, your home is a place where you can be reminded of all the happiness in your life.  

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Photo: Sleeveless Lace Blouse by Daniel Rainn