Buildable pieces in your wardrobe is a must if you, like many others, want to streamline your morning clothing routine. Spending many mornings staring at your closet only to realize you have nothing to wear is something all women probably have experienced at some point in their life. Staple pieces to streamline your wardrobe are valuable in directing the outfit for the day, and in general, they help save time.

 1. Staple black pieces - Whether it is dress slacks or a work appropriate black dress, it can be an easy go-to when in a rush. Both pieces have the ability to be dressed up or down, and they make a great starting piece to any outfit.

 2. Plain white fitted shirt - Again, this can be dressed up or down and versatility in a piece of clothing is what you need. A fitted t-shirt is a current style trend that, when paired correctly, can be more than appropriate even in the corporate world.

 3. Pop of color or pattern - Whether it is a color scarf or a leopard flat, it gives a little something more to a neutral palette. It is also a great way to stay on trend when you spend more money on timeless pieces. Incorporate and accessorize with something on trend for the current season.

 4. Dark wash jeans - Dark wash is always flattering to any figure. It is also a great option for those that get a casual Friday. Paired with the perfect top and shoes, it can still very much be work appropriate.

 5. Dark blazer - The fit is key to any blazer. Taking the time to get a blazer tailored to your body will not only look good, but it will make you feel confident.

- Daniel Rainn Team

July 15, 2016 — Heather Beckett