It's officially the fall season which means it's time to talk colors, layering and refreshing your wardrobe for cooler temperatures. Let's get started on all you need to know about the perfect fall dress code. 

Layer Up – This is the time you can pull out your favorite pair of jeans. If you can’t part with your dresses and skirts, try layering them with your favorite dark tights or leggings. Keep your favorite short sleeve tops in rotation by layering them with your favorite blazer.

Darker Colors – It’s time to add darker colors into your wardrobe. With the leaves changing colors, add some of those deeper tones to match the season.   

Boots – It’s time to ditch the flip flops and invest in some boots. Focus on finding boots that are comfortable and it’s always good to have a couple of different height and coloring options. Your boots are the perfect way to complete any fall outfit.

Accessorize –A chunky necklace over a knitted sweater is a perfect example of how to accessorize a fall outfit. If it’s extremely cold, you can also pair your outfit with your favorite cozy scarf.   

Make sure your closet is fall dress code approved this season!

September 26, 2019 — Kathleen Capalla