The perfect print is what initially draws us to any piece of clothing. Although fabrics and cuts are considered, it is the print that really gets us to notice a wardrobe piece. We here at Daniel Rainn are in love with prints. From the floral to a vintage geo print, we love finding things that will be perfect for your style.  

The floral print on our Anne to is so romantic. On top of the white, the pink florals really make such a subtle statement. While the Anne in the blue makes more a bit more of a statement. The Anne is so chic and so feminine, the perfect print to dress up.  

The Anya is one of our favorite casual pieces. With a statement floral off to the right of the shirt, it can be paired so well with denim.

The paisley print of our Hazel top is in the perfect blue for the summer. The cap sleeve and y-neck are also touches that make this top standout. From our Pale Sky line, it is the perfect weekend top.

June 07, 2018 — Kathleen Capalla