Meet Daniel Norzagary, the designer behind Daniel Rainn. We were so excited to sit down with Daniel as he gave us style advice for the modern woman in any season. Daniel’s eye for detail and construction evokes a line that is feminine, chic, and fresh. From bold prints to the must-have basics, be sure to keep reading to find out how to stay chic using minimum effort.

How should we wear bold prints?

Bold prints pair beautifully with neutrals or a dark denim skinny jean. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your neutrals; opt for a pale blush versus a black or cream. I adore a bold print blouse worn with a moto or suede jacket. It’s an easy chic look that works for everybody.

What is the key to consistently looking chic?

Be clean and minimal with your wardrobe. Skinny jeans, statement blouses, and accessories are pieces that should be rotated. Stay polished while still having fun with what you wear.

Accessorizing…is it always a DO?

Not always. It’s best to use your statement pieces with basics and keep it minimal with your bolder prints. Less is usually more.

Are “basics”  a must in every wardrobe?

YES!  You need to have fashion basics that revolve in your wardrobe; they are a must to work in with your statement pieces. Throw a scarf or your favorite statement necklace on with your basics and you're tapping into an effortless chic outfit.

The best fashion trend for all ages?

Boho-chic is ageless. It gets the balance between comfortable and polished just right. It gives you room to work with basic pieces and bold prints while preserving an effortless look.

Style shouldn’t be an added responsibility to the ever growing list of to-do’s. Keep it chic and simple by adopting these style tips as your own.

- Daniel Rainn Team

July 15, 2016 — Heather Beckett