With many of us on lockdown for the last handful of months, getting out to enjoy nature has become a top priority. Whether you’re making the trek to a National Park or booked a “glamping” trip in a nearby destination, Daniel Rainn’s latest styles have what it takes to keep you looking positively chic — even in the wild.


The Marissa

With its neutral grey tone and delicate floral print, the Marissa is perfect for layering over nearly any outfit. Bonus: it doubles as a face covering when you’re in a pinch!

Letitia Jacket

Nothing says cozy yet stylish quite like a quilted jacket — and with the Letitia’s tie waist detail, every outfit will have an extra level of finesse.


Hartley Sweater

For a weekend getaway, you cannot go wrong with a classic sweater like the Hartley: Perfect for snuggling fireside with a cup of hot cocoa.


November 05, 2020 — Janice Hu