Sleeveless blue top with white floral prints


Peppy, zesty, and screaming “fresh!” this one of a kind top will be your next best friend. With a semi-loose but true fit that hugs your curves without the discomfort, this top has a rich blue tone and brings out the beauty of the blue through an elegant, formulaic white floral print, giving you one of the best color combinations out there, namely white over blue. This top can be paired with virtually any kind of casual-wear both bottom-wear and top-wear. Be it with a denim shirt/jacket along with a pair of blue denim trousers, or simply paired with a contrasting or darker-colored wraparound skirt, this top can make you look like a million bucks every single time you wear it out.

Make every outing #instagrammable, and grab this marvellous piece today! 


Rayon Blend